▶︎Japanese Profile (日本語プロフィール)

Born in Escondido, CA., moved to Japan when I was four and lived there for 11 years. Thus, I am equally fluent in Japanese and English!

I attended the Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), where I spent my days as a supervisor in the computer music lab and tutoring music software. I graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Synthesis.

Upon graduating, I returned to CA, where I worked as an audio editor for major record labels for two and a half years.

After being immersed in music, my wedding in Aug '09 was what turned me to photography. The photographers that we chose inspired me tremendously, and at the same time one of our wedding guests gave us a DSLR camera as a gift. I decided to take the opportunity to self-study DSLR photography.

I had always enjoyed taking pictures, so I had a lot of experience taking pictures with my compact camera. At that time I felt I was weakest taking pictures of people, but practice with my DSLR changed all of that and it became my passion.

I remember that when we chose our wedding photographers, I looked at the photographer's sensibility, style, and how comfortable we felt with them behind the camera.
I believe that photography is a joint project between the photographer and subject, so the more connection there is, the better the end result becomes.
Taking the time to get to know each client over a cup of coffee pre-session is also something that is very important to me, so feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about me, or if you would like me to know more about you! :)

I can bring my dog, Aqua the Corgi at the session as my assistant upon request. He makes your babies and kids smile, or even adults! If you, or your family feels comfortable or becomes happier when a smiley dog is around, please ask me to bring him with me at the session! :)


Why "Only K" Photography?


You know some coffee shops ask your name to write down on your cup? Many of them actually write only "K". I didn't like it at first, because it might sound the same, but my name is spelled K-A-Y, not just "K". But then I thought... It is actually amazing to be able to tell my name with only one letter! And I wanted to create photos that "Only K(ay)" can do. That's how I came up with Only K Photography.